John Cawas – Stunt King

John Cawas in 11 oclock


A physical culturist, John Cawas was born in 1910 in Jabbulpore, Madhya Pradesh state. Athletic, handsome,  and with an impressive physique (he won the 1930 All-India Bodybuilding Championship), John was a natural for the action flicks that had become so popular in the 1930s.


John Cawas in Punjab Mail

John Cawas and Fearless Nadia in PUNJAB MAIL (1939)

Hailing from a Parsi family he appeared as an extra in Wadia Movietone’s Noor-E-Yaman (1935) which led to supporting roles in that company’s films Desh Deepak (1935), Hunterwali (1935) and Miss Frontier Mail (1936), all featuring stunt queen Fearless Nadia, who he would continue to work with in countless other films.


Diler Daku 2


He quickly graduated to lead roles in pictures like Toofani Tarzan (1937), Diamond Queen (1940), Stunt King (1944), Black and White (1944), Atom Bomb (1947), Maya Mahal (1949), Jungle Ka Jadu (1955), Magic in Baghdad (1956), Diler Daku (1957), and Circus Queen (1959).


John Cawas and Leela

Leela and John Cawas in MALA THE MIGHTY (1948)


Not content with just acting, he also kept busy as an assistant director, director, and writer on numerous films, the bulk of which were produced by J.B.H and Homi Wadia.

John Cawas never married, and after retiring from films, he continued on as caretaker of the Wadia film offices until his death on October 4, 1993.


John Cawas and Nadia

With Fearless Nadia in DHOOMKETU (1947)


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