Mr. X (1957)

Mr X

Sippy Films (1957)

Director: Nanabhai Bhatt

Producer: G.P. Sippy

Music: N. Dutta

Special Effects: Babubhai Mistry

Cast: Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Pran, Johnny Walker, Nishi, Hari Shivdasani, Rajen Kapoor, Leela Misra, Amir Bai, Sheila Vaz, Helen.

Plot: Professor Dinanath creates a drug that can make anyone who takes it, invisible. He tries it on his daughter Chhaya’s (Nalini Jaywant) boyfriend, Ashok (Ashok Kumar), who proceeds to use his new found power to play robin hood with the local rich people.

The police give this invisible menace the nom de plume of Mr. X and are frantic to bring his crime spree to an end.

Chhaya, concerned with Ashok’s well-being, urges her father to create an antidote. The professor works day and night to create a potion that will return Ashok to his visible self but after he succeeds, both he and the drug go missing.

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