Saboot (1980)

Saboot (Evidence)

Bharat Pictures (1980)

Directors: Tulsi Ramsay, Shyam Ramsay

Producers: Raaj Bewaja, G.H. Navani

Action: Abdul Gani

Cast: Navin Nischol, Vidya Sinha, Kajal Kiran, Prem Chopra, Vinod Mehra, Padma Khanna, Om Shivpuri, Rajendranath, Paintal, Narendranath, Mohan Sherry, Sudhir Dalvi, Amar Mrudula, Roopesh Kumar, Gauri Varma, Maruti, Mohan Choti, Trilok Kapoor, Raj Kishore, Raj Mehra, Darshan, Rajan Kapoor, Sheikh, Birbal, Azad.

A crooked businessman (Prem Chopra) forces Dharamdas (Trilok Kapoor) to sign over the ownership of his mill, then instructs his goons to kill the man. Just as they are disposing of the body, they realize that the old man is still alive, but proceed to bury him anyway.

A few years later, as Dharamdas’ family continues to mourn their missing patriarch’s disappearance, his decaying corpse returns and begins to kill off those who murdered him.

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