PURANI PEHCHAN (Old Encounter)

Director: Kewal Mishra

Cast: Sanjeev Kumar, Tanuja, Madan Puri, Tarun Bose, Bela Bose, Shammi, Johnny Whiskey, Dhanraj, Dilip Dutt, Sangeeta, Rafia Sultana, Sushma, B.B. Bhalla.

Sandhya (Tanuja) suffers from recurring nightmares in which she is stalked by a hideous, deformed witch. Eventually she begins to see the witch even when awake, tormenting her even further.

At a party, Sandhya mistakes a beggar for the deformed creature of her dreams. She stabs the woman and is forced into an asylum for the criminally insane where she meets with a tragic death.

Mourning their loss, Sandhya’s uncle (Tarun Bose), fiancé (Sanjeev Kumar) and best friend (Bela Bose) begin to see her ghost roaming about. Is it their imagination? Or has Sandhya returned to haunt them?


Published by

Mike Barnum

I am a lifelong lover of films, with a taste for movies of all genres, new and old, as well as pop culture from around the world. I currently write for the U.S. based film magazines CLASSIC IMAGES and FILMS OF THE GOLDEN AGE and have also been published in FILMFAX, SCARLET STREET, and VIDEO WATCHDOG.

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