Badshah (1964)

Badshah (King of Kings)

Nav Kala Niketan Pvt. Ltd. (1964)

Director: Chandrakant

Producer: Ramesh Vyas

Music: N. Dutta

Action: M.H. Douglas (Master Douglas)

Cast: Dara Singh, Nishi, Tiwari, Rani, Shakila Banu Bhopali, Prince Kumali, Tiger Jodinder Singh, Saudagar Singh, Al-Rod Goa, Hardeep Singh, Suchha Singh, Pratap Singh, Trilok Singh, Keshov, Rajan Haksar, Radhyshyam, Kammo, Uma Khosla, Rafia Sultana, Aruna, Khurshid Khan, D. Rajkumar, Mohammad Sandow.

Plot: Legend has it that the 50th ruler of the kingdom of Habalu will be bestowed with diving powers, thus the wicked sorcerer Salakas (Tiwari) dreams of attaining that position. He attacks the kingdom, throws the queen in prison and takes on the role as ruler of Habalu. But he does not realize that the queen’s infant son had been safely sent away during the siege.

Years later, in a nearby village lives a handsome lad named Raaka (Dara Singh) who has superhuman strength. When Salakas kidnaps a village belle, Sheba (Nishi), his chariot almost runs over a small boy who is rescued by Raaka. Salakas is impressed by the man’s power and invites him to the palace to battle the royal wrestler (Prince Kumali).

When Raaka learns that Sheba is being held against her will, he helps her escape and the two eventually fall head over heals.

Salakas visits Salomi (Rani), a beautiful witch who lives under the palace in a magic lair. Salomi informs Salakas that Raaka is the now grown son of the queen and the true 50th ruler of Habalu. She suggests that if Salakas can lure Raaka to her lair, she can use her magical skills to tame him so that he is no longer a threat. The royal henchmen abduct Sheba, taking her to the palace, which causes Raaka to follow, and they both end up in the lair of the witch.


Khilari (1968)

Khilari (Player)

Basant Pictures (1968)

Director/Producer: Homi Wadia

Music: Lala Sattar

Action: Master Kishore

Cast: Fearless Nadia, Dilip Raj, Uma, Sujata, Sheikh, Suzie, Tun Tun, Amarnath, Uma Dutt, Dalpat, Habib, W.M. Khan, Vishwas Kunte, Devraj, Prince Arjun, Makhrani, Feroz, Korega.

Plot: A scientist, Professor Sharma (W.M. Khan), who has created a concoction that can destroy an entire nation, is abducted by a spy ring known as the Golden Dragon Gang which is run by a mysterious woman (Sujata) who plans to betray the country.

Agent 707 (Dileep Raj) and Madam X1 (Fearless Nadia) join a beautiful young woman (Uma) in an effort to rescue the professor and save humanity.

Mr. X (1957)

Mr X

Sippy Films (1957)

Director: Nanabhai Bhatt

Producer: G.P. Sippy

Music: N. Dutta

Special Effects: Babubhai Mistry

Cast: Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Pran, Johnny Walker, Nishi, Hari Shivdasani, Rajen Kapoor, Leela Misra, Amir Bai, Sheila Vaz, Helen.

Plot: Professor Dinanath creates a drug that can make anyone who takes it, invisible. He tries it on his daughter Chhaya’s (Nalini Jaywant) boyfriend, Ashok (Ashok Kumar), who proceeds to use his new found power to play robin hood with the local rich people.

The police give this invisible menace the nom de plume of Mr. X and are frantic to bring his crime spree to an end.

Chhaya, concerned with Ashok’s well-being, urges her father to create an antidote. The professor works day and night to create a potion that will return Ashok to his visible self but after he succeeds, both he and the drug go missing.

Kaun Ho Tum? (1970)

Kaun Ho Tum? (Who Are You?)

Suresh Pictures (1970)

Director: Amrit Kapahi

Producer: H. Ram

Music: Usha Khanna

Cast: Sailesh Kumar, Sonia Sahni, Jagdeep, Raj Mehra, Mohan Choti, Veena, Ratnamala, Jayshree T., Praveen Paul, Kesari, Randhir.

Plot: Prakash (Sailesh Kumar) is in love with Kamini (Sonia Sahni), but due to his being from a poor family, Kamini’s father is against their marriage. Prakash’s best friend, Mohan (Jagdeep), vows to help the couple and while the duo are travelling to the hill station that Kamini and her father are visiting, they meet with an accident and Mohan dies.

Jagdeep and Sailesh Kumar in Kaun Ho Tum?

When Prakash arrives at the hill station he is shocked to find Mohan alive and well and romancing Kamini! Confused and distraught, he confronts Kamini’s father with this news. The father attacks Mohan and, in self defense, kills him. Prakash and the father then travel to Mohan’s home to break the news to the boy’s mother…and find Mohan, once again, alive and well!

Sonia Sahni and Sailesh Kumar in Kaun Ho Tum?

Teri Talaash Mein (1968)

Teri Talaash Mein (In Your Search)

Director: Kewal Misra

Producer: Adbul Gafoor Khetriwala

Music: Sapan Jagmohan

Cast: Sailesh Kumar, Kum Kum, Madan Puri, Indira, K.N. Singh, Mohan Choti, Nazir Kashmiri, W.M. Khan, Khairati Lal.

Plot: A woman is murdered in a hotel room at the stroke of midnight. A year later, also at midnight, Ramesh (Sailesh Kumar), during the New Years eve celebration, meets a young woman named Rita (Kum Kum), who is cloaked all in white. It is chilly that night and he let’s her borrow his coat while they head out for a cup of coffee. When she excuses herself to use the powder room, Ramesh patiently waits. But Rita never returns.

Confused, and concerned, he goes to Rita’s home where he learns that Rita died one year ago. Days later he thinks he spots Rita standing atop a hill…but it is not her. And again he sees Rita, this time in his bedroom at night, but it is only a statue.

Frantic, he meets up with Rita’s mother who takes him to her daughter’s grave, and lying there on the ground is Ramesh’s coat…the one he let Rita borrow the evening that they had met.

Sailesh Kumar

Sailesh Kumar (born Shambhu Purohit on November 17, 1938 in Jodhupar, in Rajasthan state) spent time on the stage during his college days before being trained at Filmilaya School where he was discovered by Shandashiv Row Kavi who was looking for a new hero to cast in his film Bhabi Ka Chudiya (1961) opposite Meena Kumari. Sailesh garnered very good reviews for his debut and the film won a State Award.

According to a 1965 article in Picurpost magazine, Sailesh’s hobbies included swimming, riding, and reading, with his favorite authors being Pearl Buck and Ernest Hemingway. Sailesh played a few lead roles, such as the James Bond-ish spy in the Golden Eyes Secret Agent 077 (1968) and a man whose best friend returns from the dead in Kaun Ho Tum? (1970), but he was more often cast as a second lead or in supporting roles in thrillers like Adhi Raat Ke Baad (1965), Poonam Ki Raat (1965), Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi (1966), and  Oos Raat Ke Baad (1970). When his career petered out in the late 1970s he returned to his hometown of Jodhupar where he passed away on April 21, 2017.

Sailesh Kumar (right) with Tarun Bose in OOS RAAT KE BAAD (1970)

Adhi Raat Ke Baad (1965)

Adhi Raat Ki Baad (After Mid-Night)

Movie Fare (1965)

Director: Nanabhai Bhatt

Producer: T.C. Dwan

Music: Chitragupta

Special Effects: Baldev

Action: Master Douglas

Cast: Ashok Kumar, Ragini, Sailesh Kumar, Agah, Rajan Haksar, Naina, Saajan, Ulhas, Murad, Padma, Randhir, Jankidas, Majnu, Kundan.

Plot: One by one, those involved with the ownership of a hotel in Rangoon are found dead and the next in line to inherit the business is the initial owner’s niece, Ragini (Ragini).

Ashok (Ashok Kumar) is suspected of the crimes, and is forced to use his invisibility drug to find the killer and clear his name.

This final entry in the Mr. X series, which has Ashok Kumar returning  to his role as the invisible man, is available on a subtitled DVD and can often be found on or Ebay.

Ashok Kumar, Ragini, and Agha in Adhi Raat Ki Baad.