BHAYAANAK PANJAA (The Terrible Claw)

Nirmala Movies (1996)

Director/Producer: Ritesh Mittal

Music: Vijay – Ajit

Special Effects: Mamaji, Bhupendra Patel

Cast:  Gajendra Chauhan, Tina Ghai, Anil Dhawan, Bharat Kapoor, Menaka, Rajesh Kapoor, Kumar Rajesh, Shree Pardha, Shail Chaturvedi, Rajesh Vivek, Razzaq Khan, Shahida, Birbal, Seem Bachchan, M.D. Saleem, Dasrath, Ashoka, Rajesh Puri, Monika, Kuldeep Kaur, Master Krishna, Aliya.

Plot: Journalists reporting on a brutal murder at an old mansion discover a horrifying spirit who is out for revenge.

You can watch BHAYAANAK PANJAA (no subtitled) on Youtube.


GUMNAAM (1965)


GUMNAAM (Unknown)

Prithvi Pictures

Director: Raja Nawathe

Producer:  N.N. Sippy

Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Cast: Nanda, Manoj Kumar, Pran, Helen, Mehmood, Dhumal, Madan Puri, Tarun Bose, Manmohan, Naina, Laxmi Chhaya, Herman, Baba, Bazid Khan, Ratna.

Plot: A seemingly random group of people at a nightclub win a trip to a remote castle where they are killed off one by one in this very enjoyable version of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

GUMNAAM is available on an English subtitled DVD and can be found on

Note: GUMNAAM developed a cult status after one of the musical numbers from the film (Jaan Pehechaan Ho) was featured in the 2001 movie GHOST WORLD. Since then, the film has become one of the most popular of the classic Hindi horror thrillers.



BHOOT BUNGLA (Ghost Mansion)

Mumtaz Films (1965)

Director: Mehmood

Producer: Usman Ali

Music: R. D. Burman

Cast: Mehmood, Tanuja, Nazir Hussein, Nana Palsikar, Asit Sen, Pancham, Minoo Mumtaz, Mukri, Amin Sayani, Moni Chatterjee, Harindranath Chattopadyay, Rani Bala, Mohan Choti, Polson, Shivraj, Jagdish Raj, Ravikant, Gopal Sehgal, Shivji Bhai, Lata Sinha, Terrence Lyons.

Plot: Classic comedy-thriller as a young man (Mehmood) and his youth gang help a woman (Tanuja) solve the mystery of a haunted chateau and the murder of both her father and her uncle.

Mehmood in a publicity photo for BHOOT BUNGLA

One of the many highlights of BHOOT BUNGLA are the peppy musical numbers, in particular Ek Sawal Hai : 

BHOOT BUNGLA is available on an English subtitled DVD and can be found on



BHOOT (2003)


BHOOT (Ghost)

Dream Merchant Enterprises (2003)

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Producer: Nitin Manmohan

Music: Salim-Sulaiman

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Urmila Matondkar, Fardeen Khan, Rekha, Nana Patekar, Seema Biswas, Victor Banerjee, Barkha, Madan, Master Akshit, Rajendra Sethi, Amar Talwar, Shabbir Masani.

Plot: A couple, Vishal (Ajay Devgn) and Swati (Urmila Matondkar), rent a beautiful, but strangely inexpensive high rise apartment. It turns out that the previous occupant had committed suicide in the apartment after having killed her own son.

As time goes by, Swati begins to act oddly and it becomes apparent that she has been possessed by an evil spirit.

BHOOT is available on a subtitled DVD which can be found at



BHOOT RETURNS (The Ghost Returns)

Eros Entertainment/Alumbra Entertainment (2012)

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Producer: Jitendra Jain

Music: Sandeep Chowtha

Cast: Manisha Koirala, J.D. Chakravarthy, Madhu Shalini, Alayana Sharma, Nitin Jadhav, Kushank Thacker, Bharat Geneshpure.

Plot: An architect and his family move into a lovely new home where one of the children takes to having an invisible friend named Shabbu. The parents think it to be a normal childhood fixation, but as time goes on strange things begin to happen around the bungalow and their servant insists that an evil spirit is present.

You can buy the English subtitled DVD of BHOOT RETURNS on



EK ARMAAN MERA (My Only Desire)

Filmistan (1959)

Director: V.M. Gunjal

Music: S.D. Batish

Cast: Jayshree Gadkar, Sohan Kapila, Manju, Malika, P. Kailash, Sabita Chatterjee, Jugnu, Raj Kishore.

Plot: In the magical land of Paristan live two beautiful fairies, Nargis and Neelofer. Nargis one day decides to fly to earth to witness the world of mortals. There she finds a young man named Gulfam (Sohan Kapila), whom Nargis immediately falls in love with. When the ruler of Paristan discovers that a fairy has fallen in love with a human, he becomes enraged and sentences Nargis to 1001 moonlit nights in prison.

With Nargis out of the way, and Gulfam now residing in Paristan, Neelofer tries to seduce him, but Gulfam escapes her clutches and heads off to find his imprisoned love.

Gulfam locates Nargis, but he finds that if she leaves the prison she will turn to stone at sunrise, and if he enters the prison, he will turn to stone at sunrise.


FAULAD (1963)




Broadway Pictures (1963)

Director: Mohammed Hussain

Producer: Vinod Desia

Music: G.S. Kohli

Action: Rafiq

Cast: Dara Singh, Mumtaz, Minoo Mumtaz, Kamran, Kamal Mehra, Randhir, Shyam Kumar, Ratnamala, Pravin Paul, Uma Dutt, Habib, Baburao, Vishwas, Jamal, Kamal Mohan, Nazir Kashmiri, Arvind, Sabir, Mulchand, Anwari Bai, Shafi, Khurshid, Dhondu, Kathana, Balarm, Maula, Mithoo Miyan, Nasir, Ismail, Kamal Dukhi, King Kong, Al-Rod Goa, Randhawa, Saudagar Singh.

When an astrologer predicts that the king will be removed from his throne in 18 years when his daughter marries a commoner, the ruler orders that all lower caste male children in the land must be killed.

One child is saved, however, when his mother places him in a basket and sends it floating downstream where a maid finds him and rises him in a royal court. The boy, Amar (Dara Singh), grows up to be herculean in strength and bravery and eventually falls in love with the king’s daughter (Mumtaz) setting in motion the long ago prediction.

You can watch FAULAD (no subtitles) on Youtube.