SAPERA (1939)



SAPERA (Snake Charmer)

New Theatres (1939)

Director: Devaki Bose

Music: R.C. Boral

Cast: Kanan Devi, Nawab, Pahari Sanyal, K.C. Dey, Menaka Devi, Shyam Law, Benoy Goswami, Satya Mukherjee, Prithviraj Kapoor, Bikram Kapoor, Elias.

Plot: Adapted from a story by Kazi Nazrul Islam this film concerns love and revenge among a tribe of snake charmers led by Jahar (Nawab) who is searching for his 100th poisonous snake so as to show how he can magically cure its deadly bite.


Sapera 001
Scene from SAPERA


Sar Kati Laash


SAR KATI LAASH (Head and Loin of the Corpse)

Atlanta Productions (1999)

Director: Teerat Singh

Producer: Ajay Kumar

Music: Sawan Kumar Sawan

Action: Bachan

Cast: Sapna, Meghna, Rachika, Shakti Kapoor, Anmol, Sakshi, Reshma, Rama Mehra, Krishna Vora, Amber Ghosh, Deepak Shirke, Rakesh Pandey, Mac Mohan.

Plot:  A headless ghost roams the streets at night.

SAR KATI LAASH can be streamed on Youtube.


Sau Saal Baad 001


SAU SAAL BAAD (One Hundred Years Later)

Aarti Pictures (1989)

Director: Mohan Bhakri

Producer: Yogesh Chhabra, Shyam Kandoi, Inderjeet Walia

Music: Annu Malik

Action: Mohan Baggad

Cast: Hemant Birje, Sahila Chadha, Mayur, Tina Ghai, Danny Denzongpa, Amjad Khan, Raza Murad, Shobhni Singh, Poonam Das Gupta, Suraj Chadha, Vinay Shah, Meenaxi, Narendra Nath, Sunil Dhawan, Joginder, Randhir Singh, Gurbachan, Jugnu, Yash Sharma, Huma Khan.

Plot: A demon plans to bring back to life his dead love, and will need the blood of a living woman in order to succeed. But it cannot be just any woman, it must be someone who would become one of the deceased’s future relatives.


Sau Saal Baad photo 001
Hemant Birje and Sahila Chadha in SAU SAAL BAAD



Aayee Milan Ki Raat poster


AAYEE MILAN KI RAAT (Came Meeting at Night)

Gulshan Kumar/Super Cassettes Industries (1991)

Director: K. Pappu

Producer: Gulshan Kumar

MusicL Anand-Miland

Action: A. Gani

Cast: Avinash Wadhavan, Shaheen, Anupam Kher, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Paresh Rawal, Alok Nath, Aruna Irani, Rita Bhaduri, Deep Dhillon, Kunika, Birbal, Mahender, Minu Sarkar.

Plot: Ill fated lovers discover that they are the reincarnation of two human-snakes killed some 20 years earlier by an enraged yogi (Paresh Rawal). The yogi had put a curse on them, causing the couple to revert to serpent form.


Shaitani Atma lobby Harinam Singh


SHAITANI AATMA (Devilish Spirit)

H.S. Films (1998)

Director/Producer: Harinam Singh

Music: Amar – Amit

Cast: Sonia Thakur, Sweta Fule, Ghanshyam, Yunus Parvez, Rajesh Vivek, Ali Khan, Mahesh Raj, Rakesh Pandey, Sheela Fule, Kiran, Sanjay Singh, Rashid, Sonu Bajara, Ratan, Deep, Rakesh, David, Shyam Saini, Janardhan Mishra, Hukum, Deep Singh, Shakeel, Paresh Rana, Meghna, Zarina, Naz, Rupali, Praveen, Nisha, Yamni, Mamta, Devi.

Plot: A disgruntled spirit is resurrected by a tantrik and begins preying on beautiful young women.


DAHSHAT (1981)




Ramsay Pictures (1981)

Directors: Tulsi Ramsay, Shyam Ramsay

Producer: Kumar Ramsay

Music: Bappi Lahiri

Action: Abdul Gani

Cast: Navin Nischol, Sarika, Om Shivpuri, Nadira, Narendranatha, Pinchoo Kapoor, Dev Kumar, Ramesh Deo, Gopi Kirshna, Jayshree T., Bharat Bhushan, Madan Puri, Agha, Chand Usmani, Birbal, Sajid Khan, Sujata Beg, Sudir, Gajanan Jagirdar, Keshu Ramsay.

Plot: Chandan Nagari was a village held in a grip of fear. A number of corpses had vanished from their graves and it was believed that the dead roamed the countryside at night. But a young scientist named Sameer (Navin Nischol) believed that the strange goings on were actually the work of someone trying to terrify the locals.

One resident of Chandan Nagari was Dr. Vishal (Om Shivpuri) who was  conducting experiments on animals. One day his wife (Nadira), in a fit of jealous rage, injected the doctor with a bat serum which slowly transformed the man into something inhuman.

Realizing what was happening to himself, Vishal kidnapped Kiran (Sarika), Sameer’s fiance, in an effort to force an antidote out of the scientist. But time was running out and soon Vishal would turn into a full-fledged, and very deadly, flesh-eating monster.

You can watch DAHSHAT on youtube.


Dahshat horror film lp copy

Dev Kumar

Dev Kumar and Nivedita in Bank Robbery
Nivedita and Dev Kumar in BANK ROBBERY (1969)


Born Sanjeev Kumar on January 1, 1936 (some sources list 1930) in Domeli, Kapurthala District, Punjab, Dev Kumar’s screen career got off to a rocky start when he was cast by Bimal Roy for the film Bandini (1963) after the director happened to see Dev in a stage show in Delhi. All set to begin the production, a casting change occurred and Dev was unceremoniously dumped and replaced with Ashok Kumar, who was a name actor. Unfortunately for Dev, he had lost his position as a customs inspector due to not getting prior consent from his superiors before accepting a second job in films. Now unemployed, the would-be actor haunted film studios looking for work. He managed to catch the attention of director Satyen Bose, who promised to cast him in his next picture. After managing to get his old customs job back, Dev awaited the call from Bose to come to Bombay for the filming of Mere Lal (1966) , which became his debut film.

In a 1966 interview for Picturpost magazine, Dev talked about his start “I feel indebted to Satyen Bose for having given me the break. He is my guru, and if my role in Mere Lal turns out to be good and appreciated by the public, the credit should go to him. I remember how he promised to give me a script and the dialogue before I started working in his film. But actually, when work started I got instructions and dialogue on the spot and on the sets. When I reminded him of his promise to give everything beforehand he said that he knew the stuff of which I am made of. He told me that he was so confident of me that he could turn out the best performance from me on the spot. I am grateful for all what he did for me. There are a variety of roles that await me in my future assignments. I have enough work on hand and I am not afraid of hard work. What one becomes, ultimately, in a career chosen by him, is dependent on the effort he puts into his work.


Dev Kumar 002


While awaiting the release of Mere Lal, Dev had small roles in two other pictures, a fantasy titled Shahi Rakasa and the mythologial Shankar Sita Ansuya (both of which hit screens in 1965). Indeed, Dev’s career took off afterwards and he starred in a series of B-grade films including Ek Phool Ek Bhool (1968) Spy in Rome (1968), Fareb (1968), Nai Zindagi (1969), Road to Sikkim (1969), Bank Robbery (1969), Simla Road (1970), Truck Driver (1970), Veer Amarsing Rathod (1970), Dagabaaz (1970), and Bhaavna (1972).

Although he played lead roles early on, his sharp facial features were very attuned to character parts and the 1970s found him in a variety of supporting roles, albeit in bigger pictures, as well as memorable parts in two classic horror films: as the vampire–like creature in Shaitan Mujrim and as a ghoul in the Ramsay Brother’s Dahshat (1981).


Dahshat_Dev Kumar 001
Dev Kumar in DAHSHAT (1981)


Dev Kumar was a graduate of Punjab University and had a brother and two sisters. His father, who he was estranged from for several years, due to the elder’s disappointment with his choosing a show business career, worked in the hosiery business. Dev’s daughter, Maneesha Kohli, worked as an actress in a the 1980s.  Dev Kumar passed away on September 17, 1990.